I have been working on Naturally for the last three years, photographing male dancers in nature and exploring expression using paint and colour (more background in my artist statement). I have been sharing and exhibiting parts of this project while working on it, which has received some nice media coverage. The project is now almost complete and will be published as a photobook by the end of 2015.

To support the publication, I'm now offering you the opportunity to get involved and make a difference by pre-ordering a special edition of Naturally with a limited edition print. In return, you will be acknowledged as a valued supporter in every copy of the book, you will get private behind the scenes updates on the book making process and you will be invited to attend the book launch.

28 x 21 cm (11 x 8 in.) limited edition print included with special edition (shown with optional frame)

About the Book

The book will be published by me and Galerie Wilms with a print run of around 750 copies. The exact release date is not yet set, but will be in the autumn of 2015.

This will be my second book (after Undisclosed), which I'm producing with the help and input of trusted friends and photobook experts. It is very important to me that Naturally will be a special and carefully crafted book, which is not simply a beautiful collection of photographs, but capture the conceptual, emotional and narrative layers of the project.

The book is in the design phase, but I can share the following approximate specifications:

Special Editions

There are three pre-order special editions of Naturally available, referred to as Rock, Sand and Stone, each limited to 25 copies only (plus 5 APs).

The special editions will all be signed and numbered by me, and will have several additional design details (including unique covers) setting them apart from the standard edition. Each special edition also comes presented with a limited edition 28 x 21 cm (11 x 8 in.) C-type original print which is only available with the book (with optional frame).


Print: Mario, 2014


Print: Charlie, 2014


Print: M-J, 2013


Online pre-ordering of special editions will start on June 2.

The price of the special edition is £130. You can add your email address below to be automatically notified when pre-ordering is possible.