Making of Undisclosed

Behind the scenes videos from the final stages of making the book:

On press

I made this short film in June at Lecturis in Eindhoven, The Netherlands during the two long days of printing of the book. I was there signing off each sheet as it was printed.

Thanks to Kasper, Gerrie, Eddy and Daan at Lecturis for helping out with this film and of course doing a stellar job with the actual printing.

Editing the book

In April of 2011, myself, designer Wayne Ford and curator Laura Noble (who also wrote the essay) met up to spend a day finalising the edit and sequence of the images in the book. It was a very productive day with some great discussions and of course some very tough decisions, but in the end I'm extremely pleased with the outcome. It was absolutely essential for our process to be able to see the entire book in front of us and be able to physically interact with and re-arrange spreads and images.

I recorded our movements with the timelapse video above showing the entire day from approx 10am to 6pm.